Design Process

At KIOX, we have an experienced team of hardware and software professionals, who are capable of managing all factors of KIOX, from designing to development, installation and maintenance. KIOX designers are capable to sketch own custom designed product to deliver exact specification that our clients are looking for. We implement right technology and factors to develop product that grab targeted user’s attention.


Analysis and Conception Designing

Our professionals collecting designing criteria document from our clients that guides them throughout KIOX designing and development process. We know the exact functionalities and feature that clients looking to have in their system. We believe in delivering the best!

Step 1


Collection of Electronic Components

KIOX collects all the needed electronic components that decided under the initial phrase. Our experts test each component to make sure 100% compatibility. Clients review the component specifications and document before our team starts initial component layout modeling.

Step 2


System Design

Our team analyzes electronics components other subsystems that used to drive development process. After getting approval of component set, our experts start preliminary rendering and mechanical drawings to ensure proper placement and develop overall equipment aesthetics according to the client’s needs.

Step 3


Software/Application Development

It is the construction phrase where the software itself is created. At this time, our innovative designers take the entire individual graphic elements from the archetype and implement them in functional software.

Our development team works on coding task to create design as discussed with client. Alongside, our developers also create proper plan for testing and develop unit tests. However, our main aim is to write functional and clean coding.

Step 4


Testing & Evaluation phase

In this step, our software testers start various forms of testing, including unit, usability, acceptance and so on. Once, testing part is completed, we will move towards evaluation part, where we are providing product to the clients for their testing.

Step 3



At the last stage of the process, we install product and provide final User manual to client for better understanding.

Step 4