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KIOX helps their clients on every stage when they need them. We deliver an instant solution to make their business run smoothly.

Support and Maintenance

“Your Problem, Our Solution”
Not only KIOX delivers best solution through kiosk development, but also provide support & maintenance and monitoring service. Our company delivers a complete solution through support package that covers current and future needs to reduce inefficiencies. When providing support service, we ensure to add features like:

  • Remote access
  • Event monitoring
  • Online status surveying
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Kiosk IP and status check-in
  • Periodic Kiosk Health check

We also have a dedicated support team, who ensures to that if any issue occurs, it will be addressed as soon as possible.

Our Support and Maintenance Services are Not Limited to
  • Remote software support
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Break/fix support
  • Site surveys
  • Hardware exchange
  • Upgrades/repairs to Kiosk configuration
  • Software exchange
  • Site installs
  • End user training
  • General troubleshooting
  • On site service
Why KIOX for Support and Maintenance Service?

Improved Customer Experience - We work dedicatedly to help you to create customer loyalty, reduce downtime and queues, and increase customer-returning ratio.

Maintain best performance - We have huge understanding of kiosk technology and thus, helping our customers to recognize potential area of risks/failure. Our professionals participate actively to minimize downtime by providing real-time service.

Quick and Reliable - At KIOX, our highly efficient and trained professionals answer quickly to support our client’s store operations. We also provide same day support service to make sure your business runs smoothly and minimize downtime.


KIOX’s warranty plan is available for customers and its fundamental objective minimizes ownership cost. We provide manufacturer’s standard warranty scheme when you are purchasing any of kiosk components, like peripheral items including keyboards, mouse, monitors; host computer, enclosure and so on.

We provide warranty for all hardware components that purchased from KIOX, except some items. As we are using the highest quality components, KIOX provides extended warranty at affordable price.

Warranty for damage or failure that occurred because of external causes like power supply problem, operating system outside from decided location, fire, misuse, etc. is not included. Even, any accidental damage, theft, operator or software error when using product is not added in warranty.

Our warranty plans are also available individually.

Contact KIOX for more information about warranty service options.


Installing self-service deployments become irresistible and expensive. However, KIOX’s installation service is accurate and centrally managed. We perform installation process along with our experienced technicians, who use proven methodologies to complete process successfully by coordinating with client.

Our experienced professional talk to our client to conclude installation. Before installing, we are:

  • Developing accurate plan for installation
  • Checking performance of kiosk for smooth installation
  • Checking all equipment upon arrival at its destination
  • Configuring hardware and software
  • Training client to use kiosk
  • Reporting clients once device successfully installed.
Our Process
  • Pre- installation

    Prior to schedule installation of kiosk, our technicians can visit each location to check environment and other factors. After that, our technicians check the list of items needed, onsite contacts and other things at the time of installation. Then, we create report from collected information and shared with our clients.

  • Installing & Testing

    We are providing proper installation service for KIOX at reasonable rates. At KIOX, our professionals provide a complete solution of installing and testing service that includes:

    • LAN connectivity testing
    • Components connectivity testing
    • NOC confirmation
    • Circuit and Dialup connectivity verification
  • Preventative Maintenance

    KIOX can also deliver system maintenance services that increase life of components and minimize reactive service requests, resulting into increase in service costs. Even, client can easily reduce potential problems of kiosk system by scheduling maintenance visits to clean and uphold equipment.


"Make Things More Engaging With Rental KIOX"

Corporate events, trade shows, and conventions are looking for touch-based rental kiosk to share information, display advertisement and for other purposes. We have affordable kiosk rental solution by customizing rental system design, considering your business and event needs.

We assemble an application code assets and a complete library of controller board according to individual client’s needs. Such thing delivers flexible approach along with rental feature presence. We are using common solution assets that enable our clients to minimize development cost and time. When providing rental service, we ensure to add some important features like:

  • Back-end integration to POS / reporting systems
  • Personalized UI of mobile application, kiosk or both
  • Hardware controls for rental assets that related to kiosk elements like:
    • Payment transaction components
    • User authentication scanning components
    • RFID sensors
    • RFID card-based rental release access
Our Rental Service Available for:
  • Corporate Events
  • Conventions and Tradeshows
  • Event Promotion
  • Interactive Sitemaps
  • Digital Signage
  • Exhibitions


Custom Software/ Application Development

KIOX is better known for offering best-designed kiosks that developed according to world-class standards. Our professionals consider the stringent business’s needs to deliver a wide range of standard models.

No matter it is customized kiosk or standard, we establish ourselves as a leader to personified in the state-of -the-art transactional kiosk design. We together work to provide custom application development service by developing new code, customizing an existing core modules, and helping client’s internal IT.

  • STEP: 1
  • STEP: 2
  • STEP: 3
  • STEP: 4
  • STEP: 5
Designing Standards Idea

KIOX begins with designing criteria in which we outline customer engagement and transaction needs for every module of application. In this stage, we consider many important things like:

  • API interface
  • Component support Requirements
  • User demographics and interface language(s)
  • Content elements
  • Security and data storage
  • Marketing needs and so on.

We are presenting project schedule and estimated cost from this consultation.

Designing System

Considering designing standards, our development engineers’ team introduces the system requirements and specification. We develop complete deliverables and hand-over to clients for review. Our process results in a detailed statement of work that includes

  • Flow diagrams
  • Full screen content navigation
  • Component interaction
  • Refined schedule
  • Estimate aligned with possibility

Once client agreed, we begin with our coding task.

Software/ Application Development

In this stage, clients confirms us the order of overall custom development service and we are purchasing hardware elements for development to ensure system-level factor functionality when coding and debugging design.

We ensure to have comparable progress between Mechanical Engineers and software developers for providing better solution. Our executives maintain a consistent communication level when doing Beta coding, adding functionality and developing main application.

Analysis and Development Review

For getting review, we are conducting User Acceptance Testing as a face-to-face meeting or through web view. KIOX and the client conduct:

  • Completing System testing
  • Full QA test
  • Review Installation Guide
  • Gather users feedback during the development review
  • Retest application until client approved it.

Lastly, application is signed off and becomes the Master Application Image.


In the final stage, we deploy application under a soft launch. In case of any inconvenience, our team will guide you and determine any post-deployment bugs that may arise.

We are providing post deployment support service for an initial 30-day and application support service over the life of the project.


Customer Training

Customer training program is design to educate system integrators and installers about installation process, set up process, content management, and software operations. We provide information about technical details and considerations related to structures.

Our trainers deliver in-depth knowledge about methods that recommended for attaching different wall and ceiling surface. We are conducting customer training with an aim to educate our customer with proper installation methods. Our trainers also provide techniques for safe and easy installation process. When providing training, we deliver various learning resources like

  • Reference Guide
  • Brochure and specification sheets
  • Demos of products
  • Power Point Presentations

Our Training Process

  • Installation

  • Setup

  • Content Management

  • Software Operations-icon

Sales Training (For Sales persons, dealers, distributors and retailers)

KIOX provides training for sales persons, dealers, retailers, and other people, who want to sell our product in the market. Our program focuses on effective selling strategies that help to increase profit margin for sales person.

In this training, our experts provide complete information about product advantages, features, and intentional benefits that offered by KIOX products. After training, we also conduct a discussion session to answer commonly asked questions. We are also providing materials that will help to get technical information in details.