Why Kiox? We Accept Challenges

KIOX is trusted by many reputed brands as we provide results-driven superior touch-based business solutions and technologies. KIOX has team of experienced engineers, technicians, & testers to manage project successfully.

KIOX embraces a unique place within market research industries by delivering the right combination of technical and operational resources. We maintain strong relationship with our all partners including Employee, Customers, Suppliers, and Dealers by providing better user experiences with our digital and cost effective solution.

KIOX believes in innovation - we continuously create and develop powerful solutions by evaluating industry best practices using self-service kiosks to serve our customers. We combine consulting, technology and experience when delivering a unique touch based solution and exceptional outcomes to our clients.

    We Take Care Of...

  • Superior

    kiosk design


    Concentrating on uniqueness of brand, KIOX design easy-to-use UI that catches visitor’s attention towards business’s objective.

  • Complex



    Providing more consistent self-service experience to users by unlocking true potential of kiosk by converting complex to simple solutions.

  • Hardware, Software

    And Services


    Everything is packed in kiosk, including hardware components, software and associated services that ensure self-assisting system can run without human influence.

  • Long-term support

    and sustainability


    Giving assurance to sellers about best return on investments. KIOX connects with them everything when they need any assistance.


What Makes   A Better Option?

  • Discussing And Expertise

    In-depth analysis, understanding of result-oriented process and well-manageable hardware and software design is needed for executing a kiosk solution. At KIOX, we aid our clients with perfect solution specs, design appropriate hardware and software during the preliminary project phases, according to client’s business requirement.

  • Scalability & Viability

    A pilot installation during the OEM implementation is suggested. So, we design adjusted development process that easily compatible with changes done during the pilot phase. Moreover, we also give support service that needed to complete the pilot phase and implementing the solution successfully.

  • Talented Team and Mature Development Processes

    A self-assisting kiosk is incorporated with complicated software, backend systems and hardware. To operate such things, powerful software development skills are needed that only few providers have.

    We have in-depth experience of many year and thus, developing effective strategy that you expected from us.

  • Hardware, Software And Services from SinglePlace

    Having a self-assisting technology means to get extra business for yourself. Taking hardware, software and services source from one place means you ensure yourself for accurate operation that increase uptime of kiosk software. We are providing a complete solution for your business by offering the latest technology.

  • Advanced design and industry standards

    A touch based interactive kiosk and digital signage are in the demand. We follow the highest industry standards when designing hardware and user interfaces. We also maintain high quality when manufacturing and developing kiosk application software.

  • Quality assurance and testing process

    Our professional believes to provide high-quality deliverables through "Quality Assurance" program. So, we ensure to test every development and/or maintenance processes to get products that meet specifications/requirements.